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The Foundry

Sonicsmiths presents a new tool for composers and sound designers. Based in the Native-Instrument’s Kontakt engine, The Foundry is a sound design creation tool, drawing from over 15 thousand samples, 19+GB of sample content (12+gb compressed), and trillions of ways to manipulate and combine the sounds. Never settle for presets again; The Foundry creates ORIGINAL patches using the a ground breaking algorithm called AARE.

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  • AARE – Adjective Assignable Randomizer Engine. Instead of having thousands of presets and having to search through each one for a specific sound, we have designed a randomizing engine that creates a new patch for you based on simple adjectives. For example, if you want a Dark, Pulsing, Mysterious sound, select these adjectives and press a randomizing button and The Foundry will generate new patches based on the parameters you select.
  • 3-Mode Step Sequencer: Depending on use – Rhythmics and FX sound sets, can create unique and quickly designable rhythms OR along with tonal beds/textures can amazing lead lines and creative chordal patters.
  • 4 different Groups to select from ranging from Non-pitched and Pitched and Simple to Complex: Beds and Pads (tonal sustained layers), Textures (a-Tonal, moving material), FX (Single One-Shot Hits, FX, and Short Articulated Instruments), and Rhythmics (Sonic “Kits”).
  • Template Mode: Use to make any sound Pulse, create Drops/Rises or instantly put Foundry into other modes such as long release, hard attack, etc.
  • 4-way Morphing Engine: You can load up to 4 different “core” sounds into The Foundry. Each of these sounds has independent processing, manipulation, and can be morphed via X-Y pad designer, key range, velocity or CC.
  • X-Y Pad Designer: Create, Save and Sync Playback to your own modulatable pathways using the X-Y pad.
  • Body Designer. With over 60 different body types, you can manipulate each of the “core” sounds by sending them through different material types, such as tubes, bricks, glass, dog bodies, and More!
  • 6 assignable modulators to Filters, Pitch, Amplitude, and surround panning allow for a wide range of stuttering, pulsing, frequency modulation, and many standard synthesis techniques.
  • Graining Synthesis: You can take most of the patches in the library and add the granular synthesis effect, stretching, panning and many other ways of manipulating the sound.
  • Surround Mode: Set all Four sounds to go out different channels as well as pan in surround
  • Unique reverb selections: including Swaps, Churches, Studios, etc.
  • Fully adjustable Filters, Distortion, Compressors, Delays, Panning Rotators, Surround Routing Abilities, and many more creative tools.

Technical Specs

Technical Specs

The Foundry is a third-party library, based in Native-Instruments Kontakt Engine. In general, whatever is listed on NI’s Kontakt website for the current version will be the machine requirements for The Foundry. We can give recommendations, but are ultimately bound by the system requirements of Kontakt Player Engine. We highly recommend running the Foundry on a PC with SSD drives for optimal performance.

For more info:

Native Instruments Current Kontakt Player Specifications


  • 13.2 GB free harddrive space, 7200-RPM
  • ~1.5GB free RAM (4GB total) (average patch range is between 50-500mb)
  • Kontakt Player (free) v5.4.1+ (v5.3.1 is available by request through Big Fish Audio)
  • Kontakt Compatible Digital Audio Workstation (DAW): Cubase, Protools, Logic, Digital Performer, (etc.)
  • In Stand-alone: External Audio Card such as RME/UAD/Focusrite (etc.)
  • MAC (OSX)
    • OSX 10.8+ (Mountain Lion)
    • Mac Pro 2010 six-core or higher
    • iMac/Macbook i5 – 2013 or higher
  • PC (WIN)
    • Windows 7/8 (not tested yet for Windows 10)
    • 3rd Generation Intel i5/7 processors (3xxx series) OR
    • AMD FX-8350 Eight-Core processor


  • 13.2 gb free harddrive space, SSD
  • Mac Pro – 6-Core Intel Xeon E5 processor (ie Trash Can)
  • PC – 5th Generation Intel i7 (5xxx series) chipset OR AMD A10-Series

Customer Support:

Big Fish Audio is distributing this product and will be handling all customer service requests and other issues. Please contact them here:

Big Fish Audio Customer Support



What the PROs Are Saying

  • JoeComposer

    Joseph Trapanese

    “The Foundry is perhaps the most exciting addition to my recent palette.  The ease with which it can be used to create unique and signature sonic possibilities is truly priceless.”

    Joseph Trapanese has had collaborations with artists for several of the most anticipated soundtracks of recent memory: from Daft Punk (Tron: Legacy) to Mike Shinoda (The Raid: Redemption), as well as M83 (Oblivion and Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming) and Moby (Extreme Ways from The Bourne Legacy).  A versatile composer in his own right, he has lent his unique hybrid sound to productions such as the NWA biopic Straight Outta Compton, the YA phenomenon The Divergent Series: Insurgent the critically acclaimed The Raid 2, and the family sci-fi adventure film Earth To Echo. Joseph has also worked with Dr. Dre, Kelly Clarkson, Zedd, Haim, 3Oh!3, John Newman, and Active Child, and conducted at Royce Hall, The Hollywood Bowl, Central Park Summerstage, and live on an NBC Christmas Special.  He is a founding member and musical director of The Echo Society.

  • Murray Gold

    Murray Gold

    The Foundry is brilliant. From the day Sam and Michael gave it to me, I’ve dropped it into everything – television, theatre, dance. It’s spooky and real and unpredictable and consistent all at once. Most importantly, I feel like I can hear the touch of materials. It sounds tactile. I love that.

    Murray Gold – Composer, New York/Santa Monica

  • CAJ Head shot

    Corey Allen Jackson

    “The Foundry is an incredible tool to create sound. Instead of using a pallet of primary colors, I now have access to colors that I did not know existed. I can create my own unique sounds as opposed to an overused, recognizable preset.”

    Corey Allen Jackson graduated with master degrees with honors from the University of Oklahoma. He then moved to Paris for additional training at the renowned La Schola Cantorum where he studied the famous Boulanger Method.

    Jackson’s latest work was for 20th Century Fox’s Wayward Pines companion series, Gone. Jackson’s darkest writing has earned him a horror fan base through many films including, most recently, 20th Century Fox’s The Exorcism of Molly Hartley, Left in Darkness,  and I Spit on Your Grave 2010.  Video game credits include the award-winning James Bond: From Russia with Love, The Punisher, and the smash-hit The Simpsons. He also worked on the Grammy-winning Ozomatli album Street Signs. His music on Hansel & Gretel Get Baked was nominated recently for best score by the Hollywood Music and Media Awards.

  • CLennertz_Headshot_BW

    Christopher Lennertz

    “The Foundry has been an amazing addition to my palette.  In a few clicks, I have a custom sound that can fit into an endless amount of musical scenarios.  The ease of use and quality of sound alone set it apart, but the idea behind this is wholly unique.”

    Christopher Lennertz is a composer and producer for film, television, records, and video games. His credits include: Horrible Bosses, Universal’s box office smash Ride Along, and Marvel’s Agent Carter.

  • Pieter Schlosser

    Pieter Schlosser

    “The Foundry is the most flexible and creative instruments I have used in a long time! I had no idea clicking that RANDOMIZE button would be so inspiring and lead me to new ideas!”

    Pieter Schlosser came to Los Angeles after having attended the Berklee College of Music. Soon after arriving in L.A., he started working and collaborating with Steve Jablonsky on such hits as Desperate Housewives, and the Gears of War and Transformers franchises, to name a few. Pieter scored the ABC Family series The Lying Game for which he received an ASCAP Film & Television award and also contributed to the score of ABC’s Astronaut Wives Club with Deborah Lurie. His latest work will be heard on the film What About Love with Andy Garcia and Sharon Stone due out early 2016, as well as the upcoming NBC comedy drama You, Me And The End Of The World which he is co-composing with Steve Jablonsky.

  • Anne Headshot 3 Small BW Faded

    Anne-Kathrin Dern

    “The Foundry’s advanced Step Sequencer allows me to create unique and diverse Pulses as well as extraordinary percussive sounds that cut nicely through the orchestra in the mix. It’s the most composer-friendly tool I know to create custom patches for the exact hybrid sound I desire. It’s not just another epic pre-made patch everyone owns, but a 100% customizable tool for every individual’s project-specific sound design needs.”

    German native Anne-Kathrin Dern is an LA based composer who has been involved in a number of film, TV, and video game productions. She has contributed to titles such as HALO V: Guardians (Microsoft), League of Legends (Riot Games), Gracepoint (FOX), Galavant (ABC), Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero (Disney), Tinkerbell: The Pirate Fairy (Disney), and several more. She frequently collaborates with Belgian director Julien Kerknawi whose recent film A Broken Man received a prestigious Remi Award and earned Anne a nomination for Best Soundtrack at the CinePublic Film Festival.

  • Steve E Williams-Composer headshot

    Steve E. Williams

    “I love the boost of creative inspiration that The Foundry’s AARE provides. The programmable X-Y Morph Pad allows for the customizing of a sound in sync with my track or picture. Bravo Sonicsmiths!”

    Steve E. Williams is a Los Angeles television, trailer and ad composer, producer and keyboardist. His music is heard on a variety of shows for NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, Warner, CW, Disney, Marvel, ESPN, BBC, MSNBC, National Geographic Wild, Discovery ID, Discovery Civilization, as well as in several documentaries. Williams’ ad music credits include Saab, Mattel, Sears, Levi’s, Nokia/Vertu, Nissan, PricewaterhouseCoopers, PF Chang’s, Dr. Phil (featured song), Prevalin, Ryobi, Lucozade Sport (UK), General Foods, Chevy, 20th Century Fox, and Mitsubishi. Other credits include platinum artists, major songwriters, Billboard Top 100 singles, and a Top 10 club remix. Steve E. Williams has received five ADDY and two Communicator Awards for his trendy advertising music.

  • FM_Le_Sieur_35717

    FM Le Sieur

    “I never experienced a plug-in instrument so addictive. Each sound created is ear-blowing and has a very unique personality. You can hear the complexity of every sounds right away. Compared to other instruments; The Foundry is so easy to customize and shape. It’s tasty and gritty at the same time. It brings palettes and textures that are more organic then anything else I’ve tried. No more presets; only new flavours!”

    ASCAP Award-winning FM Le Sieur is a celebrated musician and composer who has been nominated for every major award for television and film music in his native Canada, garnering five Gemini award wins and five additional nominations; one Genie award nomination; and three Jutra award nominations. FM’s career has spanned over fifteen years, and his other work includes upcoming Eric Dane’s miniseries The Fixer, the Syfy series Being Human, Tony & Ridley Scott’s series The Hunger starring David Bowie; the films, Nitro, Fathers and Guns (highest-grossing French film in Canadian History); and television series Musée Eden, Les Limiers (France 2)Les Bougon and Charlie Jade, an international co-production filmed in South Africa.

  • Ryan Scully

    Ryan Scully

    “The Foundry is an incredibly inspiring and effective tool for sound design. The library’s deep sound source content in tandem with it’s endless modulation possibilities make it a formidable addition to any composer’s palette.”

    Ryan Scully is a media composer residing in the greater New York area. A classically trained guitarist and vocalist, Ryan entered the orchestral composition domain after developing a deep interest in virtual instruments and modern audio production. Ryan’s work can be heard through various demonstrations of modern samples libraries as well as music for Trailers, Films, TV and Games.

  • MJM Pic

    Michael John Mollo

    “The Foundry has opened up sonic possibilities I only thought possible with my modular synth. It’s the best of outside the box inside.”

    After going to school at USC, Michael John Mollo worked as an intern Remote Control Productions, before eventually working as John Powell’s assistant on some very prominent films and video games. He currently has his own music studio, Velvet Green Music, in Santa Monica. He has contributed music to many blockbuster films including the Oscar nominated score for Dreamworks Animation’s How to Train Your Dragon, 20th Century FOX’s Rio and Dr. Suess’ The Lorax. Most recently Mollo completed his score for the Capcom’s reboot of the game franchise Strider, as well as the existential horror film, The Divine Tragedies.